What is true happiness?

Happiness is not about having excessive material possession. If you already have enough money in the bank to last for your life time, what good is it to you to have more? Why stress yourself out to chase for things that you don’t really need?  The amount of time you have in this world is limited. Your youth and your health won’t come back no matter how much you are willing to pay for it.

Happiness is not about climbing the corporate ladder. It is not about grabbing more power. What do you think occupies a dictator’s mind? Would you like to be the one who spends every waking moment planning how to defeat your opponents and worrying about your family and your own safety? Is that the purpose of your life?

Happiness to me

To be honest, I still care about money and professional achievements. I still work very hard. But the older I grow, I care less and less about the additional pay raise and status. 

These days, I find happiness just by walking around my neighborhood with my family after work.

Home grown veggies

I find happiness seeing the flowers blooming in my garden. I find happiness eating a bowl of salad of home grown veggies. 

Happiness is taking time off going for a hike in the middle of the week with my kid. Or teaching her how to play tennis. 

Took a day off teaching my kid tennis during spring break

Happiness cannot be bought. You can only search for it. The other day, when we were taking photos by the reservoir, a bluejay joined us. It flew in front of me and almost like asking me to take a photo of it. It flew right back to the tree after me taking photos. Happiness is all around you only if you learn how to appreciate and how to receive it.

Home cooked Shabu Shabu with home grown veggies

What makes you happy? Please comment below.

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