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Nice Car. But do you really need it? 0

Best financial advice from my dad

Today is father’s day and I’d like to share some of the best financial advice I received from my dad. These advice struck me like lightnings when I first heard from him and until today, these are still the guiding principals for my personal finances. I am very glad that I listened to him decades ago. Do you really need...

U-Pick Cherry Farm Brentwood CA 0

Local travel: Cherry Picking in Brentwood, CA

Enjoying life can be really simple. A spontaneous visit to nearby places may be all you need. We don’t need to wait for retirement to have fun. Local Travel Spring is the best time to visit local farms in San Francisco Bay Area. We went to pick fresh Cherry in Brentwood on Sunday. We didn’t plan this trip ahead of...

10 ideas on saving retirement dollars 0

10 ideas to save you thousands of retirement dollars

After building up a sizable nest egg for your retirement, you don’t want to see your hard earned money go wasted. Here are 10 ideas to save you thousands of dollars during retirement. Downsizing The floor space in your home is costing you money even if your home is paid off. If you are in a home that is too...