Local travel: Cherry Picking in Brentwood, CA

Enjoying life can be really simple. A spontaneous visit to nearby places may be all you need. We don’t need to wait for retirement to have fun.

Local Travel

Spring is the best time to visit local farms in San Francisco Bay Area. We went to pick fresh Cherry in Brentwood on Sunday. We didn’t plan this trip ahead of time. Instead, we noticed that the weather was quite nice. It was sunny, but not too hot. After a simple home made breakfast, we left home at 9:30 in the morning. It was a relatively short drive as it took us less than 1.5 hours to arrive at the farm.


Along the way, we got a pleasant surprise, which is the Vasco Wind Farm.

Giant Wind Turbines in Vasco Wind Farm near Livermore CA

Giant Wind Turbines in Vasco Wind Farm near Livermore CA

I have been living in the bay area for a long time but haven’t been so close to these turbines. We were super excited. Later on, I found that they are part of the 50000-acre wind farm. Each giant wind mill is 326-feet above the landscape. In the high wind, it can spin up to 180 miles per hour generating lots of renewable energy.

Bad Surprise!

They ran out of cherry! When we arrived at the cherry farm, we saw that some people came out empty handed. The staff told us that it was almost the end of the season and most of the cherries were picked. It turned out that many local tours brought in buses after buses of tourists to their farm in the last few weeks. It was very true that “Early bird gets the worm”.

Luckily, he told us that there were still plenty of cherries in another farm less than a mile away. So we went.

It was sweet

“5-star Cherries” is the name of the farm, which is very suitably named. Their cherries were really great.


5 Star Cherries - Cherry Farm in Brentwood, CA

5 Star Cherries – U-Pick Cherry Farm in Brentwood, CA


Their price was great. They charged $3.5 per pound for whatever we picked. They carry 3 varieties and there were still plenty of cherries in the farm. The trees are not very tall and it was very easy to pick.   All the cherries were ripen just right. Their were sweet and juicy. Rainier cherries are my favorite. We picked almost 3 pounds of cherries in very short time.

Low hanging cherries

Low hanging cherries

Ripen Rainier Cherries

Rainier Cherries


U-Pick Cherry Farm Brentwood CA

5 Star Cherries: U-Pick Cherry Farm in Brentwood CA


As I said in the beginning of this article, life can be really simple. It doesn’t take a lot of money to explore nearby places. Don’t wait and enjoy life.

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