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April 2021 Personal Finance Update 0

April 2021 Personal Finance Update

I started to share my personal finance last month. Time flew quickly and we will go over some updates today. For those who are new to this website, I am on my journey to FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early). Although retirement is still several years away, it is critical to prepare myself both financially and mentally for this big milestone....

March 2021 Financial Update 0

2021 March FIRE Journey Update

Back in August, I posted an article on my investment strategy in 2020. It is time to show how it played out so far. My focus is to accumulate growth company stocks and ETFs with reasonable valuation. Despite many people, myself included, pointing out that we may be in a huge asset bubble, I am going to stay in the...

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From Debt Free to Owing More than $480K

First of all, I apologize that it is a little bit of click bait. As a seeker of FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early), I am always cautious about my personal finances. No, I didn’t lose my shirt. It is actually quite the opposite.  Anyways, it has been more than a year since I posted my last article. I thought...